Hazel Newton

Office: Bristol, Bruton and Stroud.

Email: hazel.newton@yahoo.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)7824 468099

Website: www.radiantsouls.co.uk

Hazel Newton - Past Life and Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist - Bristol, UK

I am a Hypnosis course trainer, qualified nurse, hypnotherapist, regression therapist, inner child specialist, life between life regression practitioner.

I taught alongside Andy Tomlinson for 7 years on the PLRA Diploma in Regression Therapy and Life Between Life courses in the UK. I teach Certification level Hypnosis courses and Advanced Hypnosis courses. I am passionate and committed to helping people to learn about 'Who and importantly What' they are, the journey of their soul and the very meaning and purpose of their life, through both the Past Life and Life Between Life experiences. I also speak in various locations around the country about Soul contracts, life lessons and creating harmonious relationships. I'm a founder member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.

My background is nursing, then I became a pharmaceutical clinical specialist, both giving me extensive experience of working with drugs, doctors and medical staff. Although often very useful, I felt there was something huge missing in this medical and often radical approach to healing and felt drawn to work with a gentler, more holistic and complete route. I discovered that one very safe and effective method is going to the source of any problem of the mind or body by communicating with the subconscious and higher mind, which gives us the ability to totally heal and transform the challenges in our lives.

The goal of each of my regression sessions is to unblock, release and transform any issue that is causing unwanted feelings, emotions, pains or dis-ease and return my clients to a full sense of well being, balance and inner peace. Using regression to go to the very source of a client's life debilitating fears, phobias, un-explained pains, unwanted thoughts and emotions, including working with the inner child and even the baby in utero, can literally transform a person's life within a few sessions. Sometimes life changing experiences occur in just one session. Sessions are usually 2 hours, however I am very happy to accommodate multiple sessions on the same day or over 2-3 days for those travelling long distances.

In a Life between Life session which can last between 3-4 hours, you will travel into the spiritual realms following your most recent past incarnation. You will meet with the Elders or Spiritual Masters to discover the goals and purpose of your current life, the contracts you have with our many soul mates, discover some of the lessons we plan to learn during our current life and much more amongst others. Many of our life challenges can be instantly viewed from a higher more insightful perspective, freeing us from many of our unwanted, destructive negative emotions. This is an incredible experience often totally enlightening a person's current life journey. Each journey is unique giving you the experience of knowing exactly what you need to know for your life now.

I also place enormous value on the process of going into childhood memories and healing and transforming the pain that is often still destructively affecting us as adults. I have in fact introduced some new spiritual healing inner child healing techniques which have been written about in a chapter on Spiritual Inner Child Healing in 'Transforming the Eternal Soul'. These 3 hour sessions are remarkable and my clients feel much lighter, freer and balanced afterwards, with the presenting issue often completely disappearing.

My experience has shown that through these sessions my clients have found a deeper understanding of life, of reincarnation, their chosen life lessons, soul contracts, and their own ability to totally transform their lives, and more fully understand the very nature, purpose and journey of the soul, bringing about wonderful meaning to their life.

I would be honoured to assist you on your journey back to optimum health, inner peace and a purposeful and fulfilled life.

Preferably please email me on hazel.newton@yahoo.co.uk or leave a message on 07824 468099

I wanted to thank you once again for a wonderfully positive experience - I have recommended you to a friend of mine and have a couple more to encourage to book appointments with you. I saw you at the right time for me, just as I was losing more energy and hope. I learned so much on Thursday and will be forever grateful for your gift of empowerment. You truly are very skilled and effective. You have changed my future. I now feel I can commit to this lifetime. It will make an unimaginable difference to how I live. I now have two feet on this planet instead of one - Your tremendous gift and insight will free so many more souls to continue their journeys to self-knowledge and the Light. Thank you so much
TH Somerset