Spiritual Regression Therapy Association

The Spiritual Regression Therapy Association is an alliance of spiritual regression therapists all over the world who are united in a mission to heal and empower souls. In accordance with a common education through the Past Life Regression Academy, we hold to the highest spiritual ethics and professional standards.

We respect the beliefs and background of each person. We consider the whole person in our healing work, understanding that the mind, body, and soul are interconnected, and that true health and wellness result when emotional energy flows freely through all.

We honour the continual life of the soul and facilitate the deep healing that results when people access memories at the root of each challenge to understand, forgive, and let go. We grant access to between-life memories as well, to help people gain personal soul-level understanding of their souls’ companions, teachers, work, and lessons.

Our work is dedicated to all those who seek to move forward in life and light as free, healthy, radiant, divine souls.

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Understanding the types of Spiritual Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy honours the holistic principle that a person’s illness or condition reflects a deeper emotionally charged issue. Challenges — whether of mind, body, or spirit — do not manifest randomly, but when emotional, psychological or spiritual stresses have affected or weakened us. Through Regression Therapy, we help people uncover the source of their challenge. That source may be in the current life — rooted in a tragic or traumatic event or series of events or in a suppressed or unresolved childhood or prenatal experience. When we work with current-life sources, we are conducting Regression Therapy. We facilitate our client’s understanding of the reason for a challenge or illness, along with what can be done differently, to promote healing.

The healing effects of Regression Therapy are frequently dramatic and often exceed expectations. As professionals with a primary interest in helping our clients resolve issues and heal, we record and track each person’s measurable symptoms. Clients commonly report transformation such that the measurable symptoms of their challenge or illness disappear completely.

Past Life Therapy

Often, we follow the energetic traces of a challenge or illness to a source in a past life. Past Life Regression Therapy is the means for healing in these cases. In Past Life Therapy, we guide the person through the surfaced past life with simple, non-leading commands or questions such as "What are you aware of?" "What happens next?" or "On the count of three, go to the next significant event in this life." In this way, we help the person uncover the story and understand the context of the emotion at the source of challenge.

Past Life Therapy is often helpful when someone is experiencing unexplained pain or behaviour. A chronic sore neck may derive from a past life hanging or choking. Obsessive cleanliness may arise from a long imprisonment in a filthy dungeon. Depression may stem from a hopeless situation of poverty or slavery. Eating disorders may be traced to a past life of starvation or famine. Sexual dysfunction may reflect past-life experiences of abuse, molestation, or rape. Inexplicable guilt may result from past life murder or feeling responsible for the death of others. Insecurity may be caused by past life separation, abandonment, or orphanage.

While some past lives have proven verifiable, in the client’s remembering of previously unknown events or details that can be researched and confirmed, we recognise the value of transpersonal past-life experiences in their powerful ability to heal. When someone experiences a previous life in Past Life Therapy and finds a direct correlation to current-life challenges, unleashing profound healing as a result, it simply doesn’t matter if that person considers the experience to be actual or metaphorical. As regression therapists, we honour each client’s beliefs just as much as we celebrate each client’s healing.

Between Lives Spiritual Regression

Between Lives Spiritual Regression is a powerfully enlightening experience for people who would like to understand more about themselves as spiritual beings. In Between Lives Spiritual Regression, we guide each person, through deep hypnotic trance, beyond a past life and into personal soul memories in the Spirit Realm before this current life. In this high vibrational, very spiritual, interactive session, each journeying soul can meet her Spirit Guide, rejoin his soul group, come to understand her soul’s work, meet and ask questions of his Spiritual Elders, and understand the lessons and experiences she has planned for herself in the life she is living now.

The memories that thousands of people have accessed during between lives sessions are remarkably consistent, providing insight into eternal soul life, who we are as souls, and what our true home is really like. To learn more, please read Exploring the Eternal Soul: Insights from the Life Between Lives by the founder of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and the Past Life Regression Academy, Andy Tomlinson.

Soul Evolution Workshops

As an alternative to personal therapy sessions, regression therapy and the other healing techniques taught by the Past Life Regression Academy are now available in soul evolution workshops. Understand and relieve emotional burdens and empower yourself to become a proactive participant on your journey. Recognise the challenges along your way as opportunities for growth and more love, not impassable blockades of fear or doubt or anger that you may have seen before.