MMA Betting

MMA betting is an exciting and rewarding way to bet on fights. It’s similar to boxing, only with a few extra variables that can lead to an edge for a smart bettor.

The UFC has become a highly popular sport and the number of fans clamoring for a chance to bet on a fight is growing rapidly. Those who bet on MMA have several wagering options available, including round betting and method-of-victory bets.

Method-of-Victory Bets

Unlike other types of sports bets, a method-of-victory bet involves choosing how a fighter will win, usually inside the distance (ITD), submission, knockout or decision. Generally, these bets are more lucrative than the moneyline and over/under bets.

Knockout Bets

A knockout bet in MMA is a popular choice amongst many sports bettors as it provides a high payout. A knockout is a stoppage in which one fighter is turned unconscious, even briefly. This is most likely to happen in the first or second round of a fight, and the referee will intervene to protect the fighter from further damage.

In a fight between two top contenders, the odds for a KO are typically higher than those for a submission or decision. This is because it’s more difficult to predict which fighter will be able to defeat his opponent by a technical knockout, as they have different strengths and weaknesses in combat.

If you’re not confident about your picks, you can always try parlaying a method-of-victory bet with another type of bet. In this case, the round bet might yield a better payout.

Early Lines

MMA betting lines are posted before the start of every event, and the sooner you can lock in your bets, the greater the chance of winning. A good MMA site will post lines for all major UFC events at least a week in advance, so you can make the most of your wagers.

Moneyline Bets

In MMA, moneyline bets are a simple way to bet on the winner of a fight. You’ll see the odds for each fighter and whether they are favored or underdog. The underdog is usually given a plus sign, meaning they have a larger odds to win than the favorite. This can give you a great edge, as it’s often a savvy strategy to bet on underdogs to upset the odds and boost your overall return.


In mixed martial arts, takedowns are a major component of a fight. They demonstrate a fighter’s dominance and aggressiveness, while also proving they have the ability to hurt their opponent. This is a key factor in the judges’ decision making, and can sometimes be the difference between victory and defeat.

The best MMA wagering sites offer a wide variety of betting markets for each matchup. This is essential to keeping things fresh and interesting for bettors.

Fight Props

A few different types of fight props can be found at a top MMA betting site, but the most common are round betting and method-of-victory. These are unique to MMA, and often come with higher risk and payoffs than the moneyline or over/under bets.