Spiritual Regression Therapy Association

This is an international association of therapists using Past Life Regression, Regression Therapy and Between Lives Spiritual Regression that respects the spiritual nature of their clients. They have been professionally trained by the Past Life Regression Academy to international standards, and work to a code of ethics that upholds the clients welfare.

What is Past Life and Regression Therapy?

Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is based on a holistic principle that a persons illness reflects a deeper struggle in their life. Ill health does not happen randomly, but when emotional, psychological or spiritual stresses have overwhelmed a person and weakened their body defences. Something in the persons life needs to be changed, and when the reason for the problem is understood together and what needs to be done differently, healing can take place together with spiritual growth.

Regression Therapy works at all levels - the mind, body and spirit, and resolves emotional issues at the source of a psychological problem. The source problem may be from the current life such a traumatic event, loss of a loved one, relationship issue or an unresolved childhood or prenatal experience.

The healing effects are frequently dramatic and sometimes exceed expectations. It is not uncommon to hear of clients feeling transformed in such a way that the measurable symptoms of their problem disappear completely, and they are able to give and receive love and extend forgiveness to those who have wronged them in their current life.

Past Life Therapy

When the timeline is allowed to continue backwards past life stories can appear which are rich in metaphorical interpretation and provide a powerful transpersonal experience for healing. Its not the truth of the past life story that is important as its power to heal.

A reoccurring sore neck may derive from past life hanging or choking. Obsessive thoughts about cleanliness may come from a death in a dirty prison. A depression may come from a hopeless situation of poverty or slavery. Eating disorders memories of starvation, poverty and famine. Sexual difficulties may reflect underlying past life experience of sexual abuse and rape. Unexplainable guilt sometime stems from past life memories of having directly killed loved ones, or from feeling responsible for the death of others. Unexplainable feelings of insecurity may be caused by past life memories of separation, abandonment or being orphaned.

Between Lives Spiritual Regression

This uses deep hypnosis to guide a person beyond a past life and into what appears to be soul memories between lives. This type of regression has proved remarkably consistent with tens of thousands of clients and is covered in detail in the book Exploring the Eternal Soul.