Nicola Berry

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Nicola Berry - Past Life and Regression Therapist - Bristol, UK

I became interested in Regression Therapy whilst working at an alternative therapy centre in 2005, when I noticed the transformation in clients after their treatment. I read 'Journey to the Soul' by Andy Tomlinson that made me eager to experience this therapy for myself. I booked myself a session and was totally amazed by the profound experience. I had for the first time in my life I felt excited about something, and wanted to learn more. This was something different and I felt totally inspired.

Since completing my training I have gained a greater understanding of myself and feel more compassion for those around me! I now realise that everything people are going through is down to some sort of lesson or learning that they have chosen before their life on earth, and the harder the life, the harder the lesson. Some people don't learn the lesson, and will come back again and again until they have realised what they should be doing learn the lessons. I have gained huge amounts of knowledge and insights into why people go through what they do, and learn more each day as I help others to gain more peace with themselves, and to help them overcome the daily challenges they face.

It still amazes me, every time, how much a session can help someone overcome issues they have been suffering from for years; aches, pains, emotional issues, hang ups and phobias that can all be related to past or current life experiences. Also realising that some fears we hold on to are because we actually went through them in a previous life. They don't necessarily start when we are born, but can affect us through any time of our life for no apparent reason.

I am now a qualified Past Life and Regression Therapist practising at the Bristish Aerospace Welfare Association in Filton and the Bedminster area of Bristol. I find this work both challenging and enlightening for myself and my clients. Many people come to me feeling quite sceptical and are totally surprised by all the information they relay to me; totally shocks them. Until one experiences Regression Therapy it is diffciult to appreciate the profound effects it can have.

Personally I suffered with neck pain through my 20's and 30's and it wasn't until I had had a few sessions of Regression Therapy when I discovered I had had neck injuries in past lives, that my pain then disappeared! I was amazed and now I just want to help people as much as possible now, and continue my journey, learning more every day.

I did my Intrusive Energies training in 2008, and thoroughly enjoyed releasing earth bound spirits, trapped on the earth's plane, not only are you helping the client, but freeing the spirits trapped because they missed their window of opportunity when they passed over. Sometimes these are grieving relatives who just didn't want to let them go. Incredibly doing this therapy can increase a persons energy levels and sometimes rid them of fears and phobias brought to them by the attached energies.

In 2009 I took a course on Space Clearing, I felt that not only cleansing the body was important, but also one's surrounding environment. I wasn't aware that having 'good' energy in one's house could affect us so much. Our homes should be a place of peace and harmony, but all too often they feel cold, dark or with a heavy energy.

This can be caused by violence in a house, be it verbal, physical or mental. This causes negative energy to hang around in rooms, accumulating and getting heavier the more it is allowed to continue. In turn this can make us feel drained, sick, or agitated, and the home not a happy place to be. As with Feng Shui, space clearing takes away the bad energy and replaces it with good energy, making it feel calm, relaxed and happy. People have said their houses feel lighter and more welcoming after a cleansing has been done.

My website offers more information, so if you wish to look it up look on Or feel free to contact on either of the above numbers.


I feel very different, like a load has been removed from me. I feel more active so less tired.
I was not in a good place when I found Nicola's details online. I felt like I was under attack and extremely low which affected my relationship with those I loved.
I did not know what to expect from my visit so went with an open mind - well what an experience. Since that time I have gone from strength to strength, gaining confidence and best of all being able to reduce my meds and have loving friends and family around me without a heavy black cloud. I thank Nicola for all her help and would recommend her to anyone in the same state I was.
- Cheryl

The house feels so much better now. I don't feel scared anymore and I don't really think about it, whereas before it was always on my mind.
And I feel so much better in myself as well, a lot happier and I don't really feel anxious anymore.
Thank you so much for everything.
- Stacey

My son seems great and on an even keel at the moment. He seems a lot stronger in himself and not suffering nerves or anxiety which is making his football so much more enjoyable for him. People who haven’t seen him play for a while have said how much more alert, stronger & he has always been determined. School have tested him for Dyslexia and said he has it very slightly now different from the beginning of term!!!
His writing spelling punctuation all so much better. Quite unbelievable in a way (although I believe). Back to the footy he played against Rovers Academy and I thought he would be so stressed, we let him be and he wasn’t, he was amazing (not just me saying it other parents too). He said he really enjoyed it and he was chosen as ‘Rovers Man of the Match!’ Which is no mean feat.
He has grown from strength to strength in sport and school. I didn’t know where to get help for him and I was obviously meant to have reflexology with your Mum Jackie and then meet you. You have helped the family so much and I feel that I have also found a friend in you. The anxiety is minimal, he is sleeping well, nerves? what nerves? Amazing!
I will see you soon for my regression. I am looking forward to it.
Thank you so much again.
- Jenni

For many years, I had this intimate problem affecting my marriage that almost ended it for several times so deep were my blockages, and I was browsing on the internet when I found Nicky's site. I had a wonderful experience because Nicky's work is not just the hypnosis and regression, but more than that, it is a spiritual cleansing. She has the notion that some spirits live with you and the help that she provides to them is very important. To free yourself and them of being trapped.
When I returned to the past life that was affecting me, it was very intense, profound, even painful but at the same time overwhelming, because I felt that in every step of the way my spiritual guides were there to assist and comfort me. In that existence after I saw what was affecting me. I got to the moment of my death, and to die is liberating. I felt light and in peace. She also led me to another existence where I saw true happiness and really felt it.
After my regression, I talked to my guide and felt a deep love from her and I got pieces of advice from her which are very valuable and important for my current life. I can say that my problem was resolved and is really changing my marriage for the better.
Thank you very much, Nicky
- Sandra

It was lovely to meet you, I really enjoyed our session. I really noticed today how amazing I feel, it’s almost like I feel lighter/cleaner and I have a lot more energy. The top of my neck feels quite tight but I feel like it is just working its way through and will feel a lot better in a couple of days. Which is incredible after having a really not great day yesterday - I discovered yet another thing that happened at work that is detrimental to my business, but I feel much calmer than usual and have sorted it and ‘let it go’ already.
My youngest has been amazing, an absolute delight over the weekend. On Friday evening as he was going to bed I asked him were all his little friends were and he told me they had gone to sleep. I asked him again yesterday while we were having dinner and he said they had come out of his head and were in his magic necklace around his neck (he doesn’t wear a necklace), all of this was completely unprovoked. Both my husband and I just looked at each other as it was so unbelievable and great to hear!
Our eldest has been his usual lovely self but there was a noticeable difference in the way he approached and carried out his homework yesterday. My husband said it was the best he had ever heard him read.
And this evening he has completed his homework without any fuss and actually asked to continue his reading beyond the time we had set. Just fantastic!
Had our eldest’ parents evening on Monday and the feedback on him was amazing from after seeing you. In French he went for being a C student to an A, without really any explanation!
I just asked my husband how he has felt and he said he has definitely felt less tired.
I will definitely arrange to come and see you in a couple of weeks for a regression session.
- Keeley

I had another brief scan in December prior to having radiotherapy.
The radiographers didn't say anything so I assume the spinal tumours are still there. The radiotherapy didn't work until after Christmas and only in conjunction with homeopathic treatment (I managed to get to see my homeopathic doctor again and before Christmas-great!) And the pain is almost gone from my hip, so walking is fun again.
All I can say is that when I left your house on 6th November I felt different as if something had shifted - lighter in fact so what ever happened that afternoon it was for the better.
- Ann

I was recommended to see Nicola from a friend that had a really positive effect from visiting her. Since moving to my flat I had felt uncomfortable being there on my own, and constantly suffered from the cold (a card carrying sock wearer in bed) resulting in huge Gas bills. I was also dealing with a long term boyfriend that I didn't seem to be able to move on from. I went with an open mind and really felt the spirit attachments leave my body, which gave me an amazing euphoric feeling and an incredibly cheesy grin all evening! When Nicola regressed me I found that I had been a pauper and when I looked to my feet they were unshod and I was standing in a cold pool of water. As we moved on I found that I had been with my on/off boyfriend before and issues that kept arising had been from being together in a previous life. Not only did I feel stronger and more in control to deal with these issues, I now had a place of understanding and grounding in which to tackle them. The most dramatic effect for me was my flat after Nicola cleansed it. It was a warm and happy environment and I looked forward to spending nights in on my own. The best bit was my gas bill for the same quarter went down from £110 to £35 (I have the bills to prove it) and no more socks in bed!!!!
- Kendle