Karen Stokes

Office: Stroud, Gloucestershire

Email: changesforlife@live.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0) 793 938 5223

Karen Stokes - Past Life and Regression Therapist - Stroud, UK

Karen J Stokes: Cert in Hypnosis; Cert NLP Master Practitioner; Dip Regression Therapy;

Hello my name is Karen and thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and tell you about how I can use Regression Therapy to help you.

Regression is about accessing resources, which are present within you, to help heal and manage your current life in the most desirable way for you. It is truly amazing how discovering the wisdom of your inner self this way gives you access to all the wonderful information you hold about the way you really want to experience your life. It is quickly being recognised as the most direct and effective therapeutic tool for transformation and for me it is the most useful and powerful approach I have come across. (If you haven't done so already you can click on the link 'Past Life & Regression Therapy Training' for a full description of the process and the benefits it provides.)

In my practice I operate a client centred approach, which means I offer Hypnosis, Regression Therapy (current and past life) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and together with your willingness to make changes we use the technique most suitable for you. This will enable you to unblock any unresolved issues you may have, especially those issues that are using up your vital energy in order to remain hidden and assist you in letting go of those negative thought patterns and fears that hold you back. Thus, freeing up your energy and empowering you to move forward to enjoy the life you genuinely desire and deserve.

You may also like to experience Past Life Regression as a stand-alone session from an interest only point of view. This is a fascinating way to discover and experience the events of other lives you may have lived and can be useful for identifying patterns that are being replayed in your current life.

My journey started when a good friend invited me to take a deeper look at my own personal happiness. After a few mind blowing courses, several life changing past life experiences, lots of reading and a huge desire for change, I found myself on this path that has taken me in a totally different direction and has turned out to be a truly exciting journey. I can simply say, for me, it all boils down to discovering I have the ability to change how I think (which means at any time I can choose to think again and opt for a more beneficial view of things). I suddenly 'got it' that I did not have to be the product of society's conditioning, my cultural upbringing, others' beliefs or my past experiences, for a single day longer! Imagine, how freeing that can be and as a result I have spent the last five years exploring the fascinating worlds of mind mastery, Hypnosis, Regression Therapy and Past Life Regression and I am very excited to be able to share this information with you.

As well as being available to support others on their chosen path I am committed to my own continued professional development and personal growth. As a therapist I attend courses and workshops, listen to inspirational speakers and read related material. For my own personal growth I also attend courses and seminars and read self-help books, mainly through recommendation from valued sources. I am also a member of several spiritual groups with the purpose of furthering my journey along the road to enlightenment and widening my own spiritual understanding. My other interests are; spending time with like minded friends; mentoring children in care; taking care of my fitness and health; being in nature; and, playing golf, tennis and softball.

I believe the life journey our soul has chosen is intended to challenge, stretch, test and grow us as human beings as well as bring us great joy, love and abundance - if we choose to embrace it, of course!

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and now I would love to hear about you. I operate a confidentiality policy and I invite you give me a call to discuss how my expertise, knowledge and experience can benefit your journey. My practice is in a safe and cosy corner of the Cotswolds in Stroud - so to find out more please call me on 0793 938 5223 or email me at 'changesforlife@live.co.uk'.