Daniela Norris

Office: Grilly, France & Truro, Cornwall, UK

Email: daniela.norris@gmail.com

Telephone:+33 6 89 44 99 08 and +44 7548 426422
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Website: www.danielanorris.com

Daniela Norris - Past Life and Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist - Grilly, France  & Cornwall, UK

Daniela is an author, inspirational speaker and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regression and Past Life Regression Therapist (Diploma from the Past Life Regression Academy and Life between Lives therapist certified by the SRTA).

While she currently takes on very few new clients, she'll be glad to hear from you if you are committed and focused on connecting with your life plan. She believes in looking at the bigger picture and would be happy to assist you with pinpointing your life's goals and overcoming the challenges you might be facing on your way to achieving them.

Daniela is also a panelist in the IGC - International Grief Council - www.internationalgriefcouncil.org and gives workshops and retreats worldwide. She speaks English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese and Romanian, and shares her time between France, Switzerland, Canada and the UK (Cornwall).