Andrea Dolgos Shurvell

Office: Heathfield, East Sussex


Telephone: 01435 408 109


Andrea Dolgos Shurvell - Past Life and Regression Therapist - Worcestershire, UK

My original profession & diploma from Eastern Europe is in Nursing, Medical and Baby & Child Care. I am also a qualified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist, working and living in Canada.

Having personally benefited enormously from Hypnotherapy and Regression, I am aware that healing takes place at a very deep level and can bring about life changing transformation.

I have been always also drawn to nature, and to anything spiritual or mystical, seeking out others who had the same kinds of interests and episodes. As I stepped on the path, I gradually always found what I needed to learn or study when I was ready for them, so I became more and more interested in the studies of mystical dimensions and traditions. To this day my learning process continues; as there is no spiritual state of arrival, a point when the journey ends; at least not on this physical plane.

I work with compassion and also intuitively, sensitively and caringly as well with all these and other remarkable teachings and dimensions, incorporating them into my spiritual counseling, transpersonal hypnotherapy, regression and energy healing.

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