Past Life Therapists and Regression Therapists working internationally in:

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Past Life and Regression Therapists

Past Life and Regression Therapists trained and certified to an international standard in Regression Therapy by the Past Life Regression Academy which is accredited by the International Board for Regression Therapy and is a recognised school of the Earth Association of Regression Therapy.

They have a holistic view that our body, mind, emotions and spirit have a fundamental interconnectedness. All disharmony and disease has a cause and healing involves reconnection and transformation of the source of the problem.

Past Life Therapists work with stories that appear to be past lives. Regression Therapists also include current life memories, some which may be childhood or prenatal experiences below the level of conscious awareness and are still affecting our well being.


Medical professionals including psychiatrists trained as Regression Therapists have formed the Society of Medical Advance and Research with Regression Therapy. Six members have written some of their healing stories using regression therapy in the book Inner Healing Journey - A Medical Perspective.

Therapeutic and Spiritual Benefits

The symptoms dealt with by Regression Therapists include any emotion problem; anger, anxiety, shame, depression, anxiety, powerlessness, guilt. Lack of spiritual direction, obsessions, nightmares, blocked feelings, lack of self love, sexual problems and relationship difficulties. Also unexplainable chronic pain such as irritable bowl syndrome and migraines. Regression therapists who are medical doctors have found it effective for a range of medical conditions including infertility, loss of consciousness, asthma and autoimmune disorder.

The work of Regression Therapists and Past Life Therapists reach further and heal deeper at the physical, emotional and spiritual level than most other therapeutic approaches. It is not uncommon to hear of clients feeling transformed in such a way that the measurable symptoms of their problem disappear completely, and they are able to give and receive love and extend forgiveness to those who have wronged them in their current life.

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State/County City Therapist

past life therapists in Argentina Argentina

Buenos Aires Marcus Betz

past life therapists in Australia Australia

Queensland Brisbane Tony Collins
Queensland Brisbane Yana Kovarski
Queensland Gold Coast Catherine Glover
Queensland Sunshine Coast Chloe Manier
Tasmania Huonville Nadja Brearley
Victoria Melbourne Alice Terry
Victoria Melbourne Ria Kenna
Western Australia Secret Harbour Nea Walters

past life therapists in Austria Austria

Vienna Huberta Tritscher-Kunkel
Vienna Jeffrey Greiman

past life therapists in Czech Republic Czech Republic

Bernadeta Hodkova

past life therapists in Denmark Denmark

Randers Rasmus Jensen

past life therapists in Estonia Estonia

Tallinn Martin Langron

past life therapists in France France

Arcachon/Lyon/Paris Régis Legendre
Biarritz Bernadeta Hodkova
Grilly Daniela Norris
Monaco/Menton Kate Banks
Nice Imane Kurdi
Paris Jean-Marie Jobelin
Paris Kathy Gibbons

past life therapists in Germany Germany

Freiburg Jana Grossmann
Lauterbach Marcus Betz
Munich Karin Maier-Heinle
  Munich Sheela Jaganathan-Zeidler

past life therapists in Greece Greece

Kos Gaia Giakalli
Vouliagmeni Kanellopoulou Katerina

past life therapists in Hong Kong Hong Kong

Central Julien Willm

past life therapists in india India

Delhi Deepak Talwar
New Delhi Kairavi Gupta

past life therapists in indonesia Indonesia

Bali Ubud Esther Evers

past life therapists in Northen Ireland Northern Ireland

Co Londonderry Christine McBride
Co Down Ruth Pringle

past life therapists in Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland

Co Dublin Dublin Barbara Jones
Co Dublin Dublin Kathy Gibbons
Co Dublin South Dublin Kristina Kirwan
Co Galway Corofin Izabela Fouere

past life therapists in Italy Italy

  Cagliari Giancarlo Serra
Torino Alfonso Crosetto
Torino Luciana Ronco
Torino Giovanni Vota
Varese Bel Rogers

past life therapists in Lithuania Lithuania

  Kaunas Kristina Kirwan

past life therapists in Malaysia Malaysia

  Kuala Lumpur Sheela Jaganathan-Zeidler

past life therapists in Malta Malta

    Janice Dingli

past life therapists in Mexico Mexico

Polanco Mexico City Carmen Martinez Jover
Sante Fe/Metepec Mexico City Angelica Gonzalez Navarro
Zona Centro-Oriente Mexico City Claudia López López
Zona Sur Mexico City Martha Georgina Cervantes Lasso
Zona Sur y Poniente Mexico City Ricardo Mones Gonzalez

past life therapists in Netherlands Netherlands

Amsterdam Tiziano
  Breda Kim Crosbie
  Den Helder Yvonne Weeseman
  Huizen Annemiek Berkel
Utrecht Michael De Baker

past life therapists in Norway Norway

  Akershus Kjell Johansen
  Bergen Trine Lise Kamela Stjernholm
  Brumunddal Lisbeth Lyngaas
  Drammen Lise Green
  Hamar Laila Pedersen Krafft
  Krokkleiva Anita Lien
  Oslo Anita Paulsen
  Oslo Marit Kjus Garden
  Oslo May Wikeby
  Oslo Unni Helen Soernes
  Porsgrunn Anne Bodil Rosvik
  Sponvika i Halden Alice Kjolerbakken
  Skatval Mervi Straume
  Trondheim Rita Sande

past life therapists in Romania Romania

  Bucharest Ruxandra Bulzan

past life therapists in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Al Safarat - DQ Michèle Chouan

past life therapists in Slovenia Slovenia

  Ljubljana Damjan Gregorič

past life therapists in Singapore Singapore

  Central Antoinette Biehlmeier
  Central Desiree Duclos
  Central Sheela Jaganathan-Zeidler
  North East Wendy Yeung
  East Peter Mack
  West Shirley Tay

past life therapists in Spain Spain

Malaga Sam Donbavand

past life therapists in South Africa South Africa

Cape Town Constantia Janet Homan
Cape Town Constantia Liesl Rohland
Cape Town Plumstead Anna Prinsloo
Cape Town Tableview Belinda Watkins

past life therapists in Sweden Sweden

  Gothenburg Maj-Lis Lindahl
  Kalmar Tina Ribbershed
  Malmo Rebecca Schweder
  Stockholm Karin Danneker
  Stockholm Mattias Ulriksson

past life therapists in Swizerland Switzerland

  Geneva Tatjana Radovanovic Kuchler
  Lausanne Jennifer Jachimow
  Zürich Jacqueline Niggli
Zürich Jana Grossmann

past life therapists in Turkey Turkey

Adana Sk.Gunel Sezaver Secki
Çukurambar Nese Yildiz
Ankara Cayyolu Aysegul Sevil
Istanbul Bahcelievler Sema Dikyol Selvi
  Kadikoy Nermin Uyar
  Kartal Diba Ayten Yilmaz
  Kartal Muammer Yilmaz
  Kucukcekmece Sermin Cetin
  Suadiye Ayda Ersan
  Sisli Elif Tatlici
  Umraniye Zahide Uner
  Zekeriyakoy Dilek Devran
Izmir Alsancak Esra Dereobali
Eskisehir Central Hülya Orman

past life therapists in UK UK

Buckinghamshire Chalfont St Giles Doug Buckingham
Cambridgeshire Cambridge Martin Waldock
Cornwall Truro Daniela Norris
Devon Newton Abbot Barbara Burgess
Dorset Blandford Forum Marilyn Homer
  Christchurch Reena Kumarasingham
  Wareham Charles Morris
East Sussex Eastbourne Purnima Bullee
Heathfield Andrea Dolgos Shurvell
Essex Braintree Natasha Price
  Gants Hill Nina Kaur
Gloucestershire Gloucester Rebecca MacNaughton
Stroud Hazel Newton
Stroud Karen Stokes
Stroud Viki Margerum
Herefordshire Weobley Leon Feasey
Hertfordshire Bishops Stortford Suki Heath
  High Barnet Sue Renton
Hoddesdon Anjalee Carey
Isle of Wight East Cowes Kevin Haynes
Leicestershire Leicester Andrea Greenwood
London Central Imane Kurdi
Central Lorraine Flaherty
  Central Nhung Dang
  Central Wissam Awad
  East Pauna Paunova
North West Anna Obuchowicz-Zoll
  North West Doug Buckingham
  North West Yvonne Weeseman
  South West Barbara Minard
  South West Phillippa Kanini–Parsons
  South West Susie Shaw
  West Giancarlo Serra
Greater Manchester Manchester Tracey Robins
Northamptonshire Kettering Linda Taylor
Oxfordshire Nr. Banbury Debbie Wild
Scotland Aberdeen Bel Rogers
Edinburgh Bel Rogers
Somerset Bath/Bristol Hazel Newton
Bath/Rode Paula Fenn
  Bristol Nicola Berry
Frome Liz Kozlowski
  Portishead Katherine Reynolds
Surrey Purley Atika Perez
Redhill Chris Hanson
Wales Ceredigion Chris Parker
Warwickshire Kenilworth Dave Graham
West Midlands Birmingham Asha Pawar
Wiltshire Calne Amuna Ra
Worcestershire Evesham Angie Sykes
Yorkshire Leeds Alison Lord
Sheffield Trish Heenan

past life therapists in USA USA

New Mexico Grants Suzie Corfield
North Carolina Charlotte Jessie Stringer
Utah Salt Lake City Marit Fischer
Washington Federal Way Gary Wills
Washington Orcas Island Gaia Giakalli
Washington Spokane Marit Fischer