Past Life and Regression Therapy Videos

What is Regression Therapy?

What does a eye operation post doctor visit have to do with regression therapy? Find out with a delightful metaphor.

Regression Therapy Healing

Do you know that SRTA members using Regression Therapy facilitate healing the same way as souls experience it in the spirit realms after a past life?

Discovering Regression Therapy

An insight about Regression Therapy from many of the pioneers.

Resolving Chronic Pain

How unexplainable pain in the hands and arms was cleared with regression therapy from a past life of trying to save orphanage children in a fire.

Resolving a Blocked Menstrual Cycle

How a blocked menstrual cycle was cleared with regression therapy in the past life of a scullery maid who made a vow not to have children.

Real Life Regression Therapy Stories

Resolving Addiction
How regression therapy resolved sex addiction. The source was a current life memory of a five year old boy being deprived of love.

Reducing Migraines
Melanie had suffered from debilitating migraines since being a teenager and had an average of 15-18 migraines per month.

Resolving Phantom Pain
Dr Peter Mack is a medical doctor and explains how he resolved the underlying emotions connected to a patient's problem to resolve phantom pain when traditional medicine was unhelpful.

Information on other past life videos by the Past Life Regression Academy.