Past Life Videos

Soul Journey Part 1.
The evidence for reincarnation and that we have a soul is discussed by Andy Tomlinson including a video clip of a past life death.

Soul Journey Part 2.
The spiritual perspective of ill health is explained by Andy Tomlinson including a video clip of body therapy to resolve unexplainable pain.

Soul Journey Part 3.
Soul memories between lives is discussed by Andy Tomlinson including a video clip of soul memories between lives.

Soul Journey Part 4.
The evidence that earthbound spirits attach to people is discussed by Andy Tomlinson including a video clip of spirit releasement.

Resolving Chronic Pain
How unexplainable pain in the hands and arms was cleared with past life therapy from a past life of trying to save orphanage children in a fire.

Resolving a Blocked Menstrual Cycle.
How a blocked menstrual cycle was cleared with regression therapy in a past life of a scullery maid who made a vow not to have children.

A Childs Spontaneous Past Life Experience.
An eleven year old boy has amazing detailed story that appears to be a past life.

Regression Therapy Videos

Discovering Regression Therapy - A love story
Insight into the challenges and rewards using Regression Therapy.

About Regression Therapy
From many of the pioneers of regression therapy.

The Spiritual Regression Show with Reena

How Past Lives Heal.
How past lives heal and the research in this area by medical doctors.

Life between Lives.
How in deep hypnosis soul memories between past lives emerge that can have a profound effect on the person.

Spirit Releasement.
Dr. Alan Sanderson is the first psychiatrist doing this kind of work and talks about his pioneering experiences and explains the difference between spirit release and exorcism.

Regression Therapy Articles

Resolving Disturbing Thoughts and Powerlessness.
Two case studies about the use of regression therapy to resolve chronic emotional problems. One involves a past life medieval woman accused of being a witch, and the other a past life of a child abandoned.

Resolving Extreme Fear and Fainting.
How regression therapy resolved extreme fear of blood and being in medical centres. It involves a past life of a girl who died from a back street abortion.

Improving ME Energy Levels
How working with the past life story of a ship wrecked sailor who committed suicide improved energy levels written by the client.

Resolving Addiction
A case study of regression therapy to resolve sex addiction including resolving current life memories of a five year old boy deprived on love by Reena Kumarasingham.

Resolving Phantom Pain
Dr Peter Mack is a medical doctor and explains how he resolved the underlying emotions connected to a patients problem to resolve phantom pain when traditional medicine was unhelpful.

Are Your Children Yours
A thought provoking article based on the soul memories from between lives.

Can Discarnate Spirits Attached to People?
Andy Tomlinson discusses how this seems to happens and its effect on people.

Interview with Andy Tomlinson
An Australian radio show called Living is Easy interviews Andy about a range of subjects.