Improving ME Energy Levels - The Ship-Wrecked Sailors Suicide

by Hazel Newton

The following extract was written by one of my clients.

"I have suffered with M.E. since 1987. For quite a few years I had followed a spiritual path to healing, especially as conventional medicine had been unable to help. In recent years my feet had become a real problem and I could not walk because of pain. Over the last five years I had tried many remedies without success.

I searched for past life regression websites as I wanted to trace back to the root of the problem. I do not relax easily and was not sure I could be hypnotised or visualise a past life but need not have worried because the therapist put at ease straight away.

I cannot remember how I entered into the past life story but I was encouraged with relevant questions.

What are you wearing?

I answered, "I am wearing old leather shoes with brass buckles, stockings, breeches to the knee, and a heavy long cloth coat with gold buttons all the way up the front. I look shabby and care worn."

What are you doing?

"Sitting in a chair in an attic room and feeling sorry for myself."

Tell me more.

"It is my feet, I am virtually a cripple. Moving around and walking is extremely painful and I am no use to anyone."

My therapist then took me back to an earlier point in the past life to find out what had happened to cause this disability. I saw myself as a child and was able to describe walking down to a harbour holding the hand of a man who I thought was my father. We stood in the sun and looked at boats unloading cargo. I could hear all the noise, people shouting, gulls squawking and the smell of salt and fish. It looked like a large seventeenth century fishing port.

Then I moved further to my thirties and was a sailor on a stricken ship. A terrible storm was in progress late at night, with rain, thunder, lightening and huge waves crashing down. It was a sailing ship with tall masts and rigging that had been thrown onto rocks on a shore which I think was Cornwall. The ship was breaking up and there were bits of mast and timber flying about everywhere. There was deafening noise and I could see the rest of the crew clambering over the sides and jumping for their lives into the waves. I was about to save myself too when all of a sudden a heavy piece of rigging came crashing down and pinned me to the deck across my ankles. It was incredibly painful and there was no way I was going to shift it. Very quickly I passed out. The next thing I knew was waking up lying face down on the beach with the waves lapping around me. The ship had obviously broken up and I had been washed ashore. I could not move and I was in terrible pain and too exhausted to cry out.

It was not until late afternoon that I was finally noticed and moved onto a makeshift stretcher and hauled up the beach along a steep rocky path, up to what seemed like a tavern in the village. Here I was lifted onto a table and someone roughly set my broken ankles with some makeshift wooden splints. He did not do it very well so was left barely able to walk again and was in pain. I was trapped in the village and I became severely depressed.

Later in this life I had a pistol in my hand, a heavy dull grey steel object with a wooden stock and a smell of thick grease. I had had enough of this life and load the pistol methodically, put the barrel in my mouth and after pausing for only a short moment pull the trigger. There was a big flash then nothing, and then I seem to be looking down on myself from above. My head was thrown back, there was blood everywhere and people clambering upstairs to see what has happened.

At this point my therapist asked me to go back to that night on the ship when the mast fell across my legs.

It is the same scene as before with the terrible storm, everybody fleeing for their lives while I was suddenly pinned down by the heavy fallen mast. I was asked to look deep into myself and choose from within a spirit animal. Without thought I straight away chose a bear. The therapist encouraged me to absorb all the energy and strength of the bear and then lift and push the mast that pined me down off my legs. And with seemingly super human strength I moved the mast from my legs and I gradually roll it back out the way.

A was encouraged to change the events of the past life. I clamber to my feet, now uninjured and I went over the side with my other shipmates without looking back. Somehow I swam to shore without drowning or getting smashed to pieces on the rocks. I quickly gathered myself together and helped my fellow sailors. Back at the village I met and married the love of my life and led a very happy life together into old age.

I was then brought back to consciousness. I felt very surprised at what a vivid picture I had being able to experience. The gun for instance I could see, feel and smell in exquisite detail. It is several weeks now since my regression and my feet are far less painful and I have monitored how my energy levels are improving without a doubt. I even found the energy to renovate the basement in my old Victorian house something I would not have been able to face it before."

To summarise it is fascinating how with guidance you can go back in time into your sub-conscious and re-write events that are having a very negative impact on the present.